A database for uniform, secure contact tracing throughout Switzerland.

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Contact Tracing in Switzerland is overstrained

Current presence contact tracing is too diversified, overloaded, thus too slow, too uncertain. Cantonal physicians and their contact tracers must request, qualify and search for data from various sources. Only then can they begin their work. At this point, however, many more people are already infected. The diversified data also means that meaningful backward tracing is not possible.

A digital answer from the private sector

We have set ourselves the goal of simplifying, securing and accelerating the work of contact tracers . We achieve this through a uniform database to which all contact data solutions can be attached free of charge. We enable authorized cantonal physicians and contact tracers to access specific data sets in order to perform forward and backward tracing and to inform affected persons. Faster, more direct and safer.

Backward Tracing
Cluster Detection
All for one – Together against the pandemic
Made for Developers: Easy Integration

We tried to make the system as simple as one request to the API, so Partners don’t need to stitch together disparate systems or spend months integrating the required functionality. All the data across all partners is normalized to a single form, so it's suitable for optimal searching. The data is stored securely in Zürich Datacenter at Google Cloud.

  • RESTful API
  • 1 simple request to push data
  • Intelligent matching
  • Integrations in 10 minutes
Made for Contact Tracers: Speed up time to notify people
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